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Our Conference

ROAR Women’s Conference was born in the spring of 2014 at a late night dinner at Waffle House following the second annual Hop in the Park. Pastor Kim Knight and a few others dreamed of an event where women of all ages and walks of life could develop Radical faith, live Original lives, build Authentic friendships, and leave feeling Renewed in their journey.

From there, we prayed and planned and prayed some more and launched our inaugural conference in the fall of 2014 with help from Angela Thomas and Kerrie Roberts. Every year since, ROAR has grown in numbers and impact, hosting guests like Plumb, Martha Fry, Blanca, Debby DiBianca, Seth & Nirva, and many other special guests! We are excited to continue this tradition of excellence with this years conference, featuring Jasmine Murray, Imagine Circus, and more! We can’t wait to see you this year for our 5th annual ROAR Women’s Conference!

Our Host

Kim Knight is the First Impressions Pastor at Epicenter Church. Her husband Mark has been the Lead Pastor at Epicenter for over 12 years. Together they have three sons and a heart for impacting people with the love of God. Kim also coordinates Epicenter’s Women’s Ministry, which allows her to fulfill her passion for ministering to women and developing friendships among them that will last a lifetime.

As the founder, visionary, and host of ROAR Women’s Conference, Kim is dedicated to helping women find their place in God’s plan. “Life can get messy,” Kim says. “We can feel overworked and under appreciated, like we don’t fit it anywhere. But no matter what we may be going through, God has something just for us. He wants to use us to do big things for him.”

Our Host